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Academia is now incompatible with family, life, thanks to casual contracts


Gilles Forlot: Du « fait linguistique » au « fait plurilingue » à l’école française

Du « fait linguistique » au « fait plurilingue » à l’école française, par Gilles Forlot

Based on experience in the field of teacher training, and without neglecting curricula, the author points to the fact that, as an institution, schools consider languages as subjects to be taught but rarely as manifestations of linguistic practices potentially present in learners’ daily lives. It follows that the discourse of educators, from kindergarten to university, conveys linguistic ideologies that reproduce compartmentalization and monolingual and dominant patterns that do not promote the recognition of plurality in schools. If a permanent feature in language teaching partly resides in the fact students learn linguistic facts, we posit that one of its necessary evolutions consists...

Article d’Emmanuelle Labeau: Zut alors, Jeremy Paxman! French isn’t a ‘useless’ language

Zut alors, Jeremy Paxman! French isn’t a ‘useless’ language

Senior Lecturer in French Language and Linguistics, Aston University


Article by Sean Coughlan : Online schools ‘worse than traditional teachers’

Article by Louis-Jean Calvet: Quelles langues pour quelles fonctions?