We’ve recently completed an EU Lifelong Learning project to develop a web-based resource of tandem learning materials and activities for 14 languages.

The project website is at: http://seagull-tandem.eu/

This resource enables learners to connect with each other through a ‘Tandem Partner Finder‘ and to use the topic sheets provided on the website as conversation stimuli.

There are 80 topic sheets in each language, 60 covering CEFR levels A1, A2, B1, B2, and a further 20 covering topics under ‘Language for Public Areas’. These are all freely available for you and your learners to use, and can even be used for in-class speaking practice.

There is also lots of opportunity here for intercultural communication and developing cross-border language learning communities.

Please take a look through the website and materials. http://seagull-tandem.eu/

Martin Barge

Multimedia Language Resource Centre Manager
Language Centre
School of Languages,
Linguistics and Film
Queen Mary University of London
E1 4NS