Langues et identités

In 2009, Bonny Norton gave a plenary address at the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL) held in Cardiff, UK. The title of the talk was “Identity, Literacy, and English Language Teaching”.

Claire Kramsch: Identity vs. subjectivity,  l’université de Roskilde (Denmark) 

Claire Kramsch “(Critical) discourse analysis in foreign language study in an age of multilingualism”
Professor of German and Education, University of California-Berkeley, January 27, 2014, Emory University, Atlanta Georgia

Claire Kramsch: do we teach language using culture or do we teach culture using language

Dreaming in Different Tongues: Languages and the Way We Think/ Moderated by Geoff Nunberg
Panelists: Scholars Lera Boroditsky and Lily Wong Fillmore; author and Cal alumna Maxine Hong Kingston; actor and Cal alumnus John Cho. UC Berkeley Events